A New Year and A New Baby

Jeff and Suzie in 1962

It is now January and I’m expecting my second baby in a few weeks. I was packed with the outfit to bring baby home in and what I would need in the hospital. The nursery was ready with a crib and bassinet. It was simpler times in the early 60’s; we made do with what we had.

Well..the scheduled time that was calculated for my baby to be born has come and gone! I had only signed up for nine months. Now I’m a week passed the due date. I was anxious to know the gender of the baby. There was no ultrasound so you did a lot of guessing. The baby’s clothes were generic colors. SO BORING!

The last week before my baby was born it rained every day. Susie is a month away from her third birthday. She is constantly asking when her baby brother or sister would be here. Our dog Caesar was pacing the floor and looking out the window but was reluctant to go out in the rain. I searched for his green plaid raincoat and then put it on him. With a little encouragement he slowly went out the door. I wasn’t thrilled about having a wet smelly dog in the house. We both had to deal with it.

Thursday late afternoon I started getting labor pains. John was still working nights at United Airlines as a mechanic and during the day he was in training and studying for his commercial pilot’s license.

John wasn’t known for being on time and he had an hour drive home. I called him at 6:00 pm I wasn’t taking any chances that he would be late. John’s night shift wasn’t over until 12/30 am. To be ready to go

I put our packed suitcases by the door. Susie was awake and patiently sitting on her suitcase ready to go. She will be staying with the neighbor that took care of her when I was working.  

Susie was born in The Children’s San Francisco Hospital and this baby would be born in the San Jose Hospital.

John made it home and after a short time in the hospital my son Jeffrey was born.  He arrived at 1:26 am. He was healthy but he didn’t look pleased about being born. He would stare at me and had his hands on my chest like he was pushing me away. After a few days he relaxed and figured he was stuck with me and he would make the best of it!

Jeff was  an easy baby. He didn’t have colic like Suzie so didn’t have the discomfort of colic.  He especially enjoyed his bottle and being held until he fell back to sleep. Diapers were still cloth with pins and rubber pants but preparing formula was easier. The playtex bottles had arrived with a plastic lining that you threw  away. No more sterilizing bottles!

After being home for two days and up for night feedings I really needed some sleep. I put Susie down for her nap and then  wheeled the sleeping baby and bassinet over by the couch where I had laid down.. I instantly fell asleep. Soon something woke me up with a start.  I looked in the bassinet and Jeff was not in there! I jumped up from the couch in a panic. Then I heard a noise coming from my bedroom. I rushed in to the room to find Jeff on the bed and Susie feeding him cheerios. I was so relieved that he was safe…except for the cheerios. After calming my heart down my  first thought went to how did this three year old pick up a newborn from the bassinet. I’m sure she didn’t support his head. It was more likely by an arm and a leg! He never made a peep and seemed content to be on the bed gazing up at Suzie. I should’ve known she couldn’t wait to get her hands on him.

Until we meet again!

3 thoughts on “A New Year and A New Baby”

  1. I can see Jessie in Sue’s photo. Sue was always a self starter, I guess, as she could man-handle a baby. Bet you didn’t nap for quite a while.


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