Back Home and Safe on the Ground!

After the horrific plane trip with my 14 month old baby back from Vermont to California, I was grateful that we were safe and settled in our San Jose home.

Flight Simulator similar to what John used.

John is furthering his education to become a pilot for a commercial airline. He was taking lessons on a Flight Simulator. I remember it was very expensive for the half hour the simulator was in use. I don’t remember the total amount but I did realize it was time for me to look for a job .

There was a modern  beauty salon a couple miles from where I lived. One afternoon I stopped in and spoke to the owner about the possibility of an job for a hair dresser. We spoke for a while and then I was introduced to the other employees. They were friendly and the beauty salon was bright and cheery.

The job was mine if I wanted it! Now I needed to make arrangements for someone to take care of Susie while I worked. My schedule would be three days a week Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. That was the busiest days for the salon.

We had made friends with a neighbor couple that had teenage kids. Fortunately Lee, my new neighbor and friend, said she would take care of Susie who was now a year and half. I was happy to be styling hair again and enjoying the chance to be with people close to my age.

John had some friends from work that lived in San Jose. They were young couples with children and we often got together to play cards, charades, and other games. We would take turns having these gathering at each other’s house. This was a time before electronics and cable television. I remember spending an evening with rabbit ears trying to get a decent picture to watch a show. At that time we had three snowy channels. Not always worth the trouble!

alison-marras-323013-unsplash (1)
Photo by Alison Marras on Unsplash

Our entertainment  was enjoying other people’s company. As we became acquainted with other couples they were include in our get together. The ones hosting the party would provide appetizers and highballs which now we call cocktailsThat was the early 60’s when chips and dips were popular and one of the favorite appetizers served. I remember in the late 50 s my first experience with dipping a Utz potato chip into a sour cream onion dip it was surprisingly good. A new concept at that time and still a favorite snack today.

There were a few happy years with many friends and companionship. But circumstances change and life takes you on another path not always a happy one.

Until we meet again!




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