Fun Times at Lake Tahoe

The year 1955, I moved in with my two new roommates, Carole and Phyllis. The apartment was only a few blocks from San Jose State college where Carole and Phyllis attended. My mother decided to move to a YWCA downtown, which was close to the library where she worked. It also relieved her of cooking and cleaning, she never did like ether one for that matter. She liked having a career,this move gives her more time to study.  We visited every week, I was her main hairdr

Mainly I lived in Vermont until I turned 18 teen then my mother and I headed for California. That was her idea to make a career change, I didn’t want to leave Vermont and my friends. The young people I met from here were very friendly and soon I made friends. I never did reveal that my mother and father had been ministers, that was a deterrent in making friends.

It wasn’t long before I adjusted to the many different cultures that lived in California. I quickly adapted to eating ethnic foods.To this day Mexican  cuisine is my favorite.      

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