A snippet of my life.

My oldest granddaughter Amy bought me a handsome leather bond journal  to write my memoirs in.  After a few months of writing I had a better idea and that was to to create a blog. That is how Patricia’s snippet of life started. Being a newbie on the computer still scares the heck out of me . I am fortunate to have a great friend that is computer savvy and is willing to help me.

The journey of  my blog starts with being born in Vermont during the great depression. I was blessed not remembering the hardest of times.  At four years old I remember hearing the air raid sirens, everyone had to turn their lights outs and pull down the shades. When I was in kindergarten the kids were instructed to hide under your desk when you heard the siren blast. I guess they must of built desks sturdier back than to with stand a bomb!

When I was 18 teen my Mother and I drove cross country to California. I celebrated my 18th birthday some where along route 66. The circle of my life after 15 teen years of living in California has landed me back in Vermont where I Am writing my memoirs in my blog post.

The blogging community is a new adventure for me. I am excited to meet other bloggers and to share blog post with them.

Until we meet again!


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